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  Christine Cavanaugh Tribute

In the Media

A short interview with Christine Cavanaugh

Nickelodeon Magazine
September, 1997

What made you want to get into voice-overs?
I like animation art - the drawings. And there are a lot of people inside of me. With voice-overs, I get to be different people.

Is it hard for you to do Chuckie's voice?
No, he's easy to do, because he's like me. Chuckie and I worry about things, and there's a lot to be worried about.

Does your throat ever hurt from it?
No, it doesn't. I was born with a froggy throat. Friends call me, "Froggy".

Do you ever wish you could be one of the other Rugrats?
I like Angelica quite a bit. She's a bad guy, so I'd like to be her.

What were you like as a kid?
I was very skinny and had no front teeth. But I was very happy.

What do you think Chuckie will be like when he's grown up?
Terribly smart!

Credits: the
now-defunct Unofficial Christine Cavanaugh Homepage

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