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  Christine Cavanaugh Tribute

In the Media

AOL Online Cinema Awards Chat Transcript

March 20, 1996

In this part of the chat transcript, they talk to Christine about Little Surprises, nominated for an Oscar for best live-action short. The short was directed by Jeff Goldblum. Hosting the chat is Rosie O'Donnell. Kind of confusing, by the way - there are unanswered questions and no one seems to say 'goodbye'.

OnlineHost: Your nominees for the Best Picture in the Comedy category are: Babe; Billy Madison; Clueless; Toy Story; While You Were Sleeping.

Rosie: I got one right! I got one right! Comedy flick. Hmmmmmmm.

OCA MC: Uh oh. What's your personal fave, Rosie?

Rosie: I gotta vote for the pig, but whatta I know? I loved that movie. I haven't had bacon since, and I love BLT's. The woman who was the voice of Babe is here -- Christine Cavanaugh.

OCA MC: She's sitting down with Rosie now.

Rosie: So, she is here sitting next to me. She is much better looking than the pig.

OnlineHost: Send in your questions for Christine Cavanaugh now!

Rosie: I asked Chris if this was here first voice. Nope, she was Chucky on Rug Rats, Oblina on The Monsters.

Question: What is the world like through a pig's eyes?

Rosie: Dexter on Dexter's Lab. In other words, she has done a bundle of 'em -- and she is a real live actress, as well. Here's Chris!

OCA MC: So Christine, what other roles have you done?

Christine: Hi everyone! I'm gonna be online myself.

OCA MC: OCA Update: Christine is typing for herself. Questions for her anyone?

Christine: I'll be on Showtime this Friday in Little Surprises, nominated for an Oscar for best live-action short. I play a real person and use my whole body -- skinny bod!

OCA MC: Wow! It was nominated? Tell us what it's about.

Rosie: Any questions for Chris?

OCA MC: (Skinny AND tiny :)

Christine: The movie is about a screwed up family that gets together for a wedding and everything blows up! I cause a lot of trouble. Rod Steiger and Julie Harris star.

LIVEONAOL: What's the world like behind the eyes/voice of the most lovable piggy?

OCA MC: Christine, what was it like working with these veteran actors?

Christine: Very exciting with the Oscars. Rewarding -- plus I'm going to the Oscars! Wahoo!

Question: Did you have serious voice training?

Christine: The best! Rod and Julie are spontaneous and the craziest people you'd meet! We all keep in touch.

Question: What's it like being "anonymous" -- easier?

Rosie: Yeah! I can go to the mall in my slippers.


Rosie: And the winner is...


OCA MC: I assume that question referred to your role in Babe.

Rosie: Best Comedy Online Picture winner is Toy Story.

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