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  Christine Cavanaugh Tribute

In the Media

A short series of articles I have gathered about Cavanaugh.

She Does Chuckie Proud
Toronto Sun
November 16, 2000
Article on Cavanaugh promoting Rugrats In Paris.
The 'Rats in the Hat
TNT's Rough Cut
November 30, 1998
Cavanaugh and Mothersbaugh discuss working on The Rugrats Movie.
National Public Radio
November 28, 1998
Radio interview with Christine Cavanaugh and Kath Soucie about
The Rugrats Movie.
Cavanaugh talks about performing the voice of Chuckie Finster. Soucie talks about voicing the characters of Phil, Lil, and their mother Betty.
Real Player format (5:09)

Nickelodeon Magazine
September, 1997
A short interview with Christine Cavanaugh
AOL Online Cinema Awards
Chat Transcript

March 20, 1996
Brief chat with Cavanaugh about Little Surprises.
Article on Little Surprises
Variety Magazine
About Cavanaugh as the voice of Babe.

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