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  Christine Cavanaugh Tribute

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The woman behind the voices, Christine Cavanaugh

First row pictures, from left to right:
Christine Cavanaugh, 1997.
Christine in front of the now-former Klasky-Csupo studios on Highland & Fountain in Hollywood, CA. (The Ultimate Rugrats Fan Book © 1998 Viacom International, Inc.)
3) Christine and her alter-ego Chuckie Finster at the world premiere of The Rugrats Movie in 1998. (The Rugrats Movie premiere picture ©
4) Christine on Nickelodeon Magazine, 1997. (© 1997 Viacom International, Inc.)
5, 6, 7)
Christine at the 1996 Academy Awards. (68th Annual Academy Awards pictures © (5, 6) The Associated Press, (7)

Jerry Maguire

"Jerry Maguire"  © 1996 TriStar Pictures and Gracie Films.

Salute Your Shorts


"Salute Your Shorts"  © 1991 Propaganda Films and Nickelodeon.


"Soulmates"  © 1996 In-finn-ity Productions.

The X-Files

"The X-Files"  © 1993-2002 Twentieth Century Fox and Ten Thirteen Productions.

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